Why workshops?  Good question.  Workshops are important in your artistic and personal growth because they enable you to spend time in concentrated learning.  Participating in a workshop will move your art forward at a rapid rate.  I know of no experience comparable because not only is there an instructor with valuable knowledge and experience, there are also other students with the same, or even greater, commitment to the art of photography as you.  Sometimes you will learn as much from your fellow participants as from the instructor. No matter what level of photography you find yourself at there is always something more to learn.  Workshops are invaluable because they immerse you, for a few days, in the process of creating your art.  Whether you are approaching this using film and a traditional darkroom or digital, or a combination of the two as your medium of expression, principles remain the same. Only the methods are different.

Our workshops are conducted in places of stunning beauty.  The locations for these workshops are carefully selected for a great variety of material to portray, great beauty, and easy access.  We try to keep them short and to schedule them at times that have the greatest opportunity to make stunning photographs.  They are infused with enthusiasm, both for the art and technical aspects of photography, and because creating is fun. In fact you'll be a lot more creative if you're having fun. Creating in any art form should be fun, photography is no exception.  While we will work very hard in the workshops, we also will have fun and make friends. 

"The Art of Black and White Photography" sponsored by the Photographer's Formulary in Condon, Montana, USA.  This is primarily a film based workshop, although digital photographers are very welcome to participate as well.  One of the beauties of this workshop is that we have access to an actual working darkroom where we can process film as well as being able to make prints of that work in the beautiful facilities of the Photographer's Formulary.  Whether you are just starting out, or are very experienced in the darkroom this represents an outstanding opportunity.
The workshop is conducted in the stunningly beautiful Swan Valley in western Montana. We will be in a valley with the Swan Mountains on one side and the Mission Mountains on the other.  In between there are pristine mountain lakes, raging rivers and beauty that you will carry in your memories, and on film forever.  This workshop is from  June 14-19 2020.  Here is a link to it http://workshopsmt.homestead.com/B-W-Landscapes-Nathan-McCreery.html?_=1537473105011


 "Land of Enchantment, Northern New Mexico"  This is the area that inspired painter Georgia O'Keefe to create some of her most well known masterpieces.  Based out of Espanola, New Mexico we will explore some of the areas where she painted such as Plaza Blanca, the Black Place and other notable areas such as the Bisti Wilderness.  This is a place of remarkable beauty.  From giant cottonwoods to the fins, mesas and wierdly shaped hoodoos of the New Mexico badlands, this may be one of the richest areas in the world for the photographer. Many people have been so inspired by the sheer beauty of this area that they come and never leave, or they come back over and over and over.  Once the area is in your heart, you'll never really leave. There is a reason it's called the Land of Enchantment, and what better way to see it, and photograph in it, than with someone that lives in the state.

Set aside the dates of November 11 -15 for this workshop.  Cost is $500.00  e-Mail me at nathan@nathanmccreery.com for an application and more information.



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