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Some of my earliest memories revolve around photography.  As a young child I found a camera in the crawl space under our home.  I worked in the neighborhood to earn money to purchase film and processing.  The delight of the week was when the pictures would come in at the neighborhood drug store.

I have been involved in the art of photography almost all of my adult life.  Being influenced early by the work of Ansel Adams and Eliot Porter I have wandered the mountain and desert trails of the American West , for the last 30+ years, in search of the perfect photograph.  Apparently I haven't found it yet because I am still wandering.  People often ask which photograph is my favorite.  My usual reply is, "the one I am about to create".

For those of you who are so inclined.  All of my black and white photographs are created using traditional means.  For that work I use large format, 4x5, cameras and black and white film.  These photographs are created in a traditional "wet process" darkroom using conventional, silver based, photographic paper.  They are hand printed

Up until very recently all of my color photographs were printed using traditional methods and hand printed on Ilfochrome material.  That material is no longer available.  Color prints of my older work are still available.  I still have a few of the hand printed Ilfochrome prints available.  However, when those are gone there will be no more since the material to make them has been discontinued.

Due to the fact that color printing in a small darkroom is no longer feasible I have switched all of my color imaging to prints produced using wide format Epson printers.  Once again I have complete control over all of the creative process.


"I make exquisite photographs of the American West, and a few other places"

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